Privacy Policy

This privacy policy explains in general terms the confidential data compilation mechanism. It also explains how this information can be used and how it´s managed, fulfilling the stated requirements in Article 19th, number 4th of the Political Constitution of the Republic of Chile and law number 19.628 on personal data protection.


How SoluNegocios Collects the Information?

Considering a potential commercial relationship, data is given to SoluNegocios by the client. The mostly used tool to collect client´s information is a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) in which both parts exchange technical and economic offers and at the same time force each other to handle the shared data confidentially.


Use and Spread of the Information.

SoluNegocios guarantees the use of data given by the NDA only for evaluation and potential service provisions between both parts. Only project context related information will be used, protecting any extra data given by the NDA. SoluNegocios will not have the attribution of storing and/or processing confidential information obtained from the NDA for different purposes of those indicated in the project in which participates.

Even in those cases in which a NDA doesn´t exist, SoluNegocios doesn´t use non-project related personal information obtained from a client, both natural or juridical person. Data must be protected and equally used only to achieve the objectives for whom it was disclosed. Selling, linking, transferring and/or sharing data from a client with a third party for a different purpose than the one established in the project bases is strictly forbidden.

It´s important to repeat that use and share of the information must always fulfill the stated fundamental requirements in Article 19th, number 4th of the Political Constitution of the Republic of Chile and law number 19.628 on personal data protection.



Third Party Information

Even though SoluNegocios could eventually have access to information from third parties unrelated to the business relationship with its clients, SoluNegocios cannot save, analyze and/or share the data provided.


How we protect the information?

Trough the NDA both parts force each other to keep the information confidential with third parties, establishing in a detailed way each confidential point, the agreement time of validity, the non-compliance causes and penalties and the procedure in case of misinterpretation conflicts. It’s a shared responsibility between both parts to comply all the clauses established in the NDA and to adopt all the required measurements to secure confidentiality and integrity of transmitted data.


Non-compliance of Privacy Policy

In the case of NDA non-compliance, both parts will be governed by the conditions established in the NDA. The same applies in case of misinterpretation conflicts, without prejudice on further judicial or extrajudicial claims related to economic compensation for damages and prejudices caused as a consequence of a disclose of personal information.


Do we use “Cookies”?

SoluNegocios doesn´t use the “Cookies” operation system. This system works as a user control method which receives certain information about its browsing interests. SoluNegocios doesn´t use “Cookies” for tracking purposes on personal information, clients nor third party. The client may be able to choose if he wants to shut down all the “Cookies” or in some cases opt for an alert system in the event a cookie is sent.